There is an abundance of singer-songwriters, especially in Nashville, but Craig J. Martin is one you won't soon forget.

His romantic and heart wrenching lyrics and melodic writing style, accompanied by his haunting baritone voice is a rare and beautiful thing. He is able to reach the inner most fibers of the listener's soul and leaves even the most hardened ears with their heart in their laps. It's no wonder he has been dubbed many times as the Nicholas Sparks of songwriters.

His thought provoking, "What Will You Do With M-E,"  put the now separated group Western Flyer on the map.

"She Did,"  recorded by Clinton Gregory, left a lump in the throats of country music fans worldwide.

The never to be forgotten roller coaster of emotions ," Don't Take The Girl,"  catapulted Tim McGraw to stardom.

Craig has written songs for several other artists including George Jones, Rod Stewart, The Backstreet Boys, and many others. He's received numerous CMA, ACM, CMT, and BMI awards or nominations.

25 Million people have a Craig J. Martin song in their collection.

Craig is currently recording an album of songs he has written that is sure to be a 2018 highlight in the country music world. It is due out soon after the first of the year.

Get ready. This project has been highly anticipated by his fans and colleagues alike. It has been a long time coming and promises to be well worth the wait.